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Are you facing challenges in your life that you just can’t surmount? From stop smoking cessation, weight loss, getting over anxiety, depression and more, hypnosis is a respected way of conquering the challenges in your life.

At Positive Changes Hypnosis  located in Hamilton Ontario, you’ll find a truly special combination of advanced hypnosis techniques and a skillful and compassionate staff. Offering Hypnosis services for Hamilton, Burlington and Golden Horseshoe in Ontario for over 24 years, it’s our belief that hypnosis can play a powerful role in improving lives for the better, so if you’re struggling to make a change, maybe it’s time to give Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton a try.

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Client Testimonials

positive changes hypnosis hamilton client recovering addictBefore coming to Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton I was a frequent drug abuser. After a series of  intense sessions I feel that I am on the right path to becoming 100% Drug Free. I also came in for smoking as well and after 4 additional sessions I am smoke free. 

Kevin Hassen
Hamilton, Ontario

I felt a lot of pain after my girlfriend and I broke up. After I came to Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton, I feel much better. I do think of her sometimes but the pain is a lot less. 

Daniel Balesaro
Hamilton, Ontario

I have done the virtual gastric band for weight loss and I have lost 25 lbs. in only a limited time. I was at a cross road to health until I came here and I have made a complete turnaround. I was a skeptic before but now I am a firm believer. Thanks Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton for helping me. 

Dan Morin,

When I first had my free consultation with Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton I was very skeptical, but I was told we can help you with weight loss. I have tried every program going with no lasting success, so I thought another one to add to my attempts. Slowly I began to notice changes in my behaviour I was unconsciously making and being surprised at what I was doing. Changes I could not have done myself without feeling deprived or having certain cravings for different foods, which I do not have now.  I can hardly believe what was happening to me, change I could have never done myself. My appetite has decreased and I am drinking and wanting more water which was always a problem for me.  I am very grateful to Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton. Thank you.

Sharon Crossman,

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Still have questions? We understand! Hypnosis is a new idea to many of our clients, and we expect some hesitation as you learn more about what this treatment entails. Our staff would be glad to talk with you about your concerns and share success stories with you, and we also invite you to arrange a free evaluation with a consulting hypnotist. We’ll sit down with you, one-on-one, to talk about your goals and priorities. From there, we can develop a personalized approach to your hypnosis treatment, always focused on helping you achieve your unique life goals. Building positive relationships with people in our community for 24 years and touching people's lives along the way, we strive to improve your life through hypnosis. Give us a call today—and take a step toward changing your life for the better!

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Positive Changes

At Positive Changes in Hamilton, we use hypnosis to help you improve your life and relieve stress. We tailor each session to fit your unique needs. Call today for a FREE consultation!
Positive Changes
Positive Changes3 days ago
Feel free to visit our website or view us on GOOGLE to see what our clients have to say. Here is one of our latest client reviews....

"While I’m only half way through my sessions, I am sure that it’s working for me. I was apprehensive about the whole hypnosis process but I have learned that it’s completely safe and beneficial. I’m so happy that I have done this for myself and I’m expecting some “Positive Changes” in my future. Sandra is a lovely lady and very professional"
Chris Gauthier

Call us today to learn more on how we can help you be the best you can be! 905-383-3500
Positive Changes
Positive Changes5 days ago
Whether you are afraid of elevators, rides, MRI chambers, airplanes, or other small areas, you can overcome this fear. Instead of living with heart palpitations, sweaty palms, feeling like you can barely breathe, or feeling like screaming and clawing your way out of a situation, you can change your thought processes so that these situations no longer frighten you. Mindfulness hypnotherapy can greatly assist you. Many of our patients are able to get through treatment and then take on new hobbies and go on new adventures they would never have even dreamt of before their claustrophobia hypnosis. To learn more call us today at 905-383-3500.
Positive Changes
Positive Changes1 week ago
Adele was once a pack-a-day smoker. Just before the release of her single “Hello,” she used hypnosis to quit smoking. Within a short time and after attending regular sessions she QUIT SMOKING! You can also do the same. Take the first step today by calling, emailing or using the form provided on our website to get in touch with us about your free evaluation with our staff. Click on the link below to learn more.
1 week ago
Kate Middleton – The Duchess of Cambridge used hypnosis prior to delivering her first baby and has since used the techniques for her second and third as well. Give us a call today and take a step toward changing your life for the better! 905-383-3500 ChangesHamilton photo


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