At Positive Changes Hamilton we use a series of sessions with our highly qualified team of professionals who puts the recovering addict into a trance-like state of mind during one on one personal sessions. This trance is necessary as it calms the person and puts them into a state where they are more open to ideas and positive suggestions. The positive suggestions the professional makes are about sobriety, concurring their addictive behavior, and strategies for curbing intense cravings.

Hypnotherapy can be paired with other treatment modalities as this series of positive reinforcement  works better if the addict is dedicated and motivated to kick their addiction and stay clean. Sessions of hypnotherapy can begin when the addict has overcome the detox process and has learned healthy coping mechanisms for their cravings.

This type of treatment can change a recovering addicts mind about getting clean as it will give a person a new outlook on life or sobriety. This treatment uses positive suggestions to focus the mind on the drive a person to get sober by using the recovering addicts passion and ambition for getting back their life.