Hypnosis can help with Addictions

Addiction to Alcohol or Drugs

drug addicitons can be deadly
Hypnosis can help to overcome drug addictions.

Hypnosis can help with addictions to alcohol or drugs. An addiction often reflects how you as a person chooses to deal with stress and uncertainty. It’s completely natural to want to feel good and avoid certain stressful and unpleasant situations. In fact, research has found that absence of discomfort is often perceived as pleasure. Here at Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton we work with clients very closely and through our one on one approach. We take the time to assess the needs of each person and determine the best approach to dealing with their addiction issues.

The Subconscious Mind

Everybody, to some degree or another, is addicted to something. Whether it be an idea, a belief, a feeling, a person or a substance that provides an immediate relief from feeling uncomfortable. This greatly affects the subconscious mind and it is the subconscious mind that drives our will and our desires.

Hypnosis can help with addictions

prescription drugs
Prescription drugs can be addictive as well.

It is important to understand that an addiction to drugs or alcohol often reflects an attitude or a choice. It is all about how we as humans deal with stress, uncertainty and self-esteem. There is often a need for instant gratification, which can cause a person to make poor decisions without considering the consequences.

Hypnosis can help with addictions and improve your life in the following ways:

• assist you in dealing with negative thoughts and expectations;
• allow you to realize that you can make betters choices;
• raise your tolerance for uncertainty;
• improve your patience for delayed gratification;
• permit you to be more in control of your feelings;
• provide you the ability to realize the consequences of your actions;
• relieve your mind from the past thoughts
• perform to the best of your ability.

Weekly Sessions hypnosis sessions

At Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton, your program will be divided into weekly one on one sessions. Your personal Hypnotist will provide you with the ability to manage stress, remove negative thinking and prevent self-sabotaging behaviour.

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Through hypnotherapy you will also begin to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and increase your motivation and willpower. To learn more about how hypnosis can help with addictions please feel free to reach out to us at Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton by contacting us at 905-383-3500 or using the link below.