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What is Virtual Hypnotherapy and how does it differ to regular hypnotherapy?

Virtual Hypnotherapy has been designed as a complete on-line in home therapy to allow everyone access to professional therapeutic hypnosis sessions without having to travel to appointments. Sessions are designed to suit most peoples’ needs. Here at Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton our professionally trained and fully certified hypnotherapists use therapeutic language techniques that permit Virtual therapeutic work to benefit everyone.

During Virtual Hypnosis the mind enters a deeply relaxed state creating a sense of heightened awareness during which an individual has an increased receptivity to suggestions. While this reception takes place, negative feelings can be released and in turn allow one to overcome personal challenges. The subconscious changes a person’s behaviour and develops new pathways which allows for new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and feelings. Positive Changes are made at the subconscious level, where our beliefs and habits are embedded.

Virtual Hypnosis has been working successfully for people all over the world for some time now and many people are unaware of its success. Instead of coming into one of our hypnotherapy rooms, the sessions are conducted in a virtual sense on line or over voice call. Hypnosis works regardless if you are in the room with one of our professional hypnotherapists here at Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton or in a virtual environment. Results have been proven to be equally effective.

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What kinds of things can be treated using Virtual Hypnosis?

Virtual Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes enabling you to find the alternatives you desire to your present unsatisfactory way of behaving, thinking or feeling. Most issues can be remedied using Virtual Hypnotherapy from weight loss to quit smoking through to removing that baggage so many of us carry and eliminating those annoying habits and addictive behaviours such as excess drinking or gambling. You can stop biting your nails, remove that fear of flying or dissolve other debilitating phobias such as fear of spiders, heights and needles. Reduce Anxiety and even Stop Smoking as well as eliminate Insomnia to allow you to sleep through the night, all using the therapeutic Virtual Hypnotherapy sessions that Positive Changes Hypnosis has to offer. We record the session for you and then send you the session via MP3 file for you to listen to as many times as needed. The beauty of Virtual Hypnotherapy is the session remains yours forever. You can use it again at any time if something occurs or where you may need that support. It is specifically designed and created with you in mind and it is yours to personally use forever.

The brilliance of Virtual Hypnotherapy is you can do it privately. Regardless of what issue you are experiencing, your session is kept private and confidential. You then have your session to use anytime or as often as you may need and no one else needs to know anything. You do not need to tell your story or discuss it with anyone. Life is too short to struggle with issues and behaviours that often were never meant for you. Surely it is time you took charge to regain control of your behaviours, thoughts and feelings.


Relaxing with Virtual Hypnosis at Positive Changes

How many sessions will I need to find a benefit?

The power of hypnotherapy is documented by doctors and many other leading professionals. It was approved as a legitimate medical treatment method by the American Medical Association back in 1958. Clinical Hypnotherapy is undertaken by trained professional and registered therapists. At Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton we offer a Free no charge one on one virtual consultation prior to your booking. We take the time to assess your challenges and provide you with a plan that can help you overcome whatever you may be facing. Some individuals respond after only one session others may take longer. Over the many years of helping thousands of clients both in person and virtually we are able to work on a plan that is right for you. With that said each session is recorded and is remains yours forever. You can use it again at anytime an event occurs and where you may need that support.

For example to Remove Insomnia it is recommended to listen to listen to your session a few nights in a row to help the body learn a new sleep pattern habit to by-pass the old habit. After a few nights, most people can lay, relax, close their eyes and enjoy a comfortable deep rest and sleep. The session remains available, so if at any future time an issue arises where you need assistance to shut off your mind to be able to sleep, just listen again.

Can I do these sessions alone or do you need another person for support?

The great part of Virtual Hypnotherapy is you can do it alone. Regardless of what issue you experience, your session is confidential and private between you and the therapist one on one. You then have your session to use anytime or as often as you may need and no one else needs to know anything.

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