Behaviour modification through Hypnosis

Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton can help you to achieve your goals for a better you. Through behaviour hypnosis at Positive Changes, we can help you modify your behaviour. Whether you want to stop unwanted behaviour or encourage new more positive habits, Positive Changes Hamilton can help. Behaviour modification can be easy to achieve through hypnosis. In a relaxed, natural state of hypnosis, your mind is more willing to listen to the power of suggestion. It is thought that hypnosis works by accessing your subconscious mind without the interference of your conscious thought. Without the intrusion of your conscious mind, you are often more receptive to suggestions and can change your behaviours.  You can also use hypnosis to encourage positive behaviour, such as exercising more or being more optimistic. Weight loss and smoking cessation are other examples of what can by accomplished at Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton.

Hypnosis Techniques

There are several hypnosis techniques that will help you reach the state of relaxation to allow behaviour modification to occur. You may be receptive to different techniques, and the team at Positive Changes will find one that works best for you. Techniques always begin with physical relaxation. It will also include a combination of visualization, countdowns, eye fixation or breathing techniques to relax your mind. Once you are in the relaxed state, verbal suggestions are made. Sometimes suggestions are used in conjunction with these triggers. These triggers may includes snapping, clapping, ringing or other sounds that when heard will remind the subconscious of the suggestion made in relation to that trigger.

What to Expect

Although there are different techniques, hypnosis is generally performed in a calm therapeutic environment. The therapist will guide you into a relaxed and focused state.  They may ask you to think about experiences and situations in positive ways. This positive thinking can help you change the way you think and behave. Unlike some dramatic portrayals of hypnosis in movies,  you will not be unconscious or asleep. You will hear the therapist’s suggestions, but it is up to you to decide whether or not to act on them.

A hypnosis session can definitely help start you on the path to changing your behaviour. However repeated sessions will help you to achieve your goal more easily. Repeated sessions early on will help you to imbed the new behaviours into your subconscious thoughts. For more information on hypnosis, contact Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton at 905-383-3500 or send an email.