Hypnosis can help Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain is one of the leading causes of disability in Canada and will develop in around 40 per cent of Canadians who experience low back pain. Researchers from Universidade Cidade de São Paulo, Brazil and the University of Washington, USA have identified a new drug-free treatment which combines hypnosis with pain management education to reduce the intensity of chronic back pain. A pain management hypnosis program at Positive Changes Hypnosis can help!

Positive Changes Hypnosis can help you overcome chronic back pain.

Professor Mark Jensen from the University of Washington in the USA says pain management for patients, particularly those with long-term illness, should consider a more holistic approach. Pain is considered chronic when it occurs for most days of the week and for longer than three months. The latest statistics show one in five may suffer from chronic pain. Many of them are elderly.

Hypnosis works to alleviate chronic pain

Professor Jensen also says there is physical evidence that hypnosis works to alleviate chronic pain. “Imaging studies have shown that hypnotic therapy influences all of the cortical areas and neuro-physiological processes that underline pain,” he said.” Helping patients manage pain can have a significant psychological impact. What people do to manage pain and what they think about pain, and their social environment, can all influence pain and its negative impact on functioning.”

At Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton Ontario we use hypnosis for chronic pain treatment which typically involves an “induction session” during which the patient experiences a state of focused awareness, followed by changes in the sensory, cognitive and emotions of pain experience.

At Positive Changes Hypnosis we provide drug-free treatments for chronic low back pain and we have had great success with this treatment over the last 24 years of being in business.

40% of all back pain clients will become chronic pain suffers. Hypnosis can help!

Professor Jensen also states that clinical trials have shown hypnosis can reduce daily pain intensity for patients. “Hypnosis still has a certain stigma to it,” he said. “However, we are seeing this treatment option used to manage debilitating physical and psychological conditions including phobias and addiction.” It may be that physicians are not recommending hypnosis to their patients due to a lack of understanding of the process, or it may be that patients are wary of hypnosis.” He says any therapy that can help with pain management will lessen the burden for patients and their care givers.

Teaching patients to self-manage chronic low back pain

A study published in the Journal of Pain showed the addition of hypnosis to pain education enhanced the treatment effects of pain education in both the short and medium term. The study provides evidence supporting a new combined treatment option for teaching patients to self-manage chronic low back pain which has a relatively low cost and that can be offered in groups.

Associate Professor James McAuley from the University of NSW said despite the availability of pain medications and other pain therapies, an ideal treatment which benefits the majority of chronic pain sufferers has not been identified.

“Most of the available therapies have significant side effects or risks of serious adverse events,” said A/Prof McAuley.

“Hypnosis is a safe drug-free method which we have shown can help reduce pain intensity, disability, and catastrophizing of pain by those receiving the combined treatment. “It helps the brain to calm the noise of pain, providing a much-needed respite for the patient.”

Positive Changes Hypnosis provides hypnosis for pain management

At Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton we provide session through which hypnosis becomes a state of consciousness where attention is focused and peripheral awareness is reduced, and there is an enhanced capacity to respond to positive suggestions.  Our clinic is easily accessible and provides a quiet surrounding where we can work with individuals one on one to help them eliminate chronic back pain.  To learn more about our hypnosis services please feel free to contact us ay 905-383-3500 or email us at positivechangeshamilton@gmail.com.