Can hypnosis help with pregnancy?

Many women struggle with fertility issues

In some cases many try to improve the odds of conception with special diets, yoga and acupuncture. However can hypnosis help with pregnancy? At Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton Ontario we work to  change your ‘subconscious’ mindset to increase your chances of  conceiving. Research has shown that hypnotherapy tends to work for around 75% of people in relation to fertility issues.  It can fail when it meets resistance held as a limiting belief deep within the subconscious mind, beliefs you might not have any awareness of within your conscious thinking or indeed your aspirations. 

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Subconscious Patterns

To give a better example of this our conscious mind tell us things like “I’m going to go on a diet” or “I’m not going to eat that cake”, but unless the subconscious mind has also changed, we will still eat that piece of cake. The subconscious pattern will always win, and it’s hard to change that programming. At Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton we promote integration therapy as an alternative to hypnosis. A massive leap forward from hypnosis, integration therapy provides a modern and refreshed approach to neuro-linguistic programming, using tried and tested processes developed over 25 years in a talking-therapies setting.

However, before you start listening to the sound of a therapist’s voice, there are a few things to bare in mind. Firstly and probably most importantly, make sure you do research on the training that each hypnotherapist has received to perform hypnosis. At Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton Our Hypnotherapist are certified from the National Guild of Hypnotists and have passed and graduated from accredited courses that are well respected as being the best in the profession.

But what about the practice itself – does it actually work? The mind is a very powerful tool that we have at our disposal; much of the work I do is encouraging women to have an optimist and hopeful outlook and to identify their resources. It is important to get the mind working for us rather than against us. Among one of the tools I recommend is hypnotherapy for it’s ability to change our outlook. When we have a more optimist outlook it literally changes the brain chemicals to feel safer. In turn, this releases brain chemicals that support fertility and our nervous system to operate from feed or breed (rather than fight or flight, which is a response to danger.


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Creating a more beneficial environment for conceiving

So does this mean you can trick your brain into getting pregnant? Yes and no, depending on your view of alternative medicines. The release of anxiety or stress in the mind could create a more beneficial environment for the pregnancy to occur. Hypnosis transforms your fear and frustration you’re feeling, providing you with the tools that enable you to achieve the relaxation necessary for a calm, peaceful, positive, and viable pregnancy. Often what we see here at Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton are women so desperate to have a baby that their lives are an emotional roller coaster. Many women are obsessed with cycle days and basal body temperature to the exclusion of almost everything else.

Age 35 is automatically deemed high-risk in the infertility world, and women 35 and older are considered advanced maternal age. Paralysed with fear, dreading the start of another menstrual cycle and consumed with thoughts of yet another failed attempt, marriages often end in tatters and shredded self-esteem. With the body in a perpetual state of fight or flight, is it any wonder pregnancy doesn’t occur?

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