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We all know that the world is facing a serious crisis. However, with that said we here at Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton believe that this shouldn’t stand in the way of improving your mental and physical health. Regardless of the challenges you may be facing we can help you overcome them with Virtual Hypnotherapy sessions. These sessions are offered on-line as well as via voice communication and they have been proven to be a very successful alternative to in person sessions. This form of hypnosis is a very effective form of mental therapy which can allow anyone access to professional hypnotherapy sessions at a very affordable price and without having to risk personal interaction. We have been able to help many clients from all over the world and we look forward to helping you as well overcome your personal challenges. Regardless if you are trying to overcome Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss, Stress, Stop Smoking, Addictions or any other emotional or mental challenge, we are here to help you.

Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton

Are you facing challenges in your life that you just can’t surmount? From stop smoking cessation, weight loss, getting over anxiety, depression and more, hypnosis is a respected way of conquering the challenges in your life.

At Positive Changes Hypnosis  located in Hamilton Ontario, you’ll find a truly special combination of advanced hypnosis techniques and a skillful and compassionate staff. Offering Hypnosis services for Hamilton, Burlington and Golden Horseshoe in Ontario for over 27 years, it’s our belief that hypnosis can play a powerful role in improving lives for the better, so if you’re struggling to make a change, maybe it’s time to give Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton a try.

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Client Testimonials

positive changes hypnosis hamilton client recovering addictBefore coming to Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton I was a frequent drug abuser. After a series of  intense sessions I feel that I am on the right path to becoming 100% Drug Free. I also came in for smoking as well and after 4 additional sessions I am smoke free. 

Kevin Hassen
Hamilton, Ontario

I felt a lot of pain after my girlfriend and I broke up. After I came to Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton, I feel much better. I do think of her sometimes but the pain is a lot less. 

Daniel Balesaro
Hamilton, Ontario

I have done the virtual gastric band for weight loss and I have lost 25 lbs. in only a limited time. I was at a cross road to health until I came here and I have made a complete turnaround. I was a skeptic before but now I am a firm believer. Thanks Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton for helping me. 

Dan Morin,

When I first had my free consultation with Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton I was very skeptical, but I was told we can help you with weight loss. I have tried every program going with no lasting success, so I thought another one to add to my attempts. Slowly I began to notice changes in my behaviour I was unconsciously making and being surprised at what I was doing. Changes I could not have done myself without feeling deprived or having certain cravings for different foods, which I do not have now.  I can hardly believe what was happening to me, change I could have never done myself. My appetite has decreased and I am drinking and wanting more water which was always a problem for me.  I am very grateful to Positive Changes Hypnosis Hamilton. Thank you.

Sharon Crossman,

Must admit I was a skeptic at first, but after completing the program I admit it does work! I had major anxiety about not being able to breathe through my nose, and was dreading an upcoming operation to correct the physical problems. Not only did I come through the operation successfully, but have had no anxiety during the recovery week, bandaged up. Wouldn’t have believed it, but Sandra Correa gives you such positive reinforcement and, combined with the listening to the files during sleep, it works. Thank you Positive Changes.

Eric Collins,
Hamilton, Ontario

I went to Positive Changes for help with severe anxiety that I have struggled with all my life.  Being a Yoga teacher I had all the tools but could not control my anxiety.  Doctors prescribed antidepressants which just made it worse-so did wine!  While home in Hamilton visiting family, I stumbled upon Positive changes and booked two appointments.  By the end of the 2nd one I immediately felt so much better and more in control of the emotional swings I experience, I also felt like there was hope after a lifetime of anxiety and self loathing.   Committing to the process and finding quiet time to listen to the self-hypnosis MP3's has truly been a life saver.   Sandra is very professional, caring and intuitive, she knows exactly the right thing to say during each session. I live in San Francisco and am working with Sandra remotely.  She is teaching me how to help myself to believe in myself.  This process really works, If you are struggling at all, I highly recommend Positive Changes and hypnotherapy, trust the process, trust in yourself.

Angela Hudson-Neumann,

Niagara on the lake, Ontario

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Still have questions? We understand! Hypnosis is a new idea to many of our clients, and we expect some hesitation as you learn more about what this treatment entails. Our staff would be glad to talk with you about your concerns and share success stories with you, and we also invite you to arrange a free evaluation with a consulting hypnotist. We’ll sit down with you, one-on-one, to talk about your goals and priorities. From there, we can develop a personalized approach to your hypnosis treatment, always focused on helping you achieve your unique life goals. Building positive relationships with people in our community for 24 years and touching people's lives along the way, we strive to improve your life through hypnosis. Give us a call today—and take a step toward changing your life for the better!

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Hypnosis can help with sleep problems and be very useful in reducing or curing insomnia . If stress and anxiety are the main contributors to your insomnia then hypnosis at Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton, combined with good sleep hygiene, may well provide an effective solution. Our professional fully certified hypnotists will work with you to provide you with a program that will suit your specific sleeping needs. At Positive Changes we provide a FREE no charge Initial Consultation where we work through all of you personal challenges and custom design a program that works best for you. www.positivechangeshamilton.com
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Positive Changes2 weeks ago
We can help!
Hypnosis is a way of finding a way around the stress, anxiety and emotions to get to the foundation of the problem: the beliefs and attitudes that live within our subconscious mind. During hypnosis, your conscious mind is relaxed and does not get in the way of the new thoughts and ideas that a consulting hypnotist introduces during a session. This gives these new thoughts a chance to take root and force out old, unhelpful ways of thinking. CALL US TODAY AT 905-383-3500 for no charge consultation and FREE Evaluation.
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Positive Changes
Positive Changes2 weeks ago
Yes you can quit smoking permanently using Virtual Hypnosis. At Positive Changes we take the time to work with each one of our clients to make sure they are fully satisfied and they achieve their goals. Check us out and stop smoking today! #stopsmoking #hypnosis #hypnotherapy #positivechanges #smoking
Positive Changes
Positive Changes2 weeks ago
Positive Changes would like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all! Wishing you all a wonderful day of celebration! #mothersday #mothersday2023 #mom #mother #positivechanges #hypnosis #happymothersday❤️
Positive Changes
Positive Changes3 weeks ago
Is Hypnosis real?
Yes, hypnosis is a real phenomenon. Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility, where an individual enters a trance-like state. During hypnosis, a person is typically more open to suggestions and can experience changes in perception, memory, and behavior. Hypnosis has been recognized by various professional organizations, including the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association, as a valid therapeutic technique. It is used in clinical settings for a range of purposes, such as pain management, smoking cessation, anxiety reduction, and overcoming phobias. It's important to note that hypnosis is not a form of mind control, as often portrayed in popular media. The effectiveness of hypnosis can vary from person to person, and not everyone is equally responsive to hypnotic suggestions. Additionally, it is typically used as part of a broader therapeutic approach and should be conducted by trained professionals. We have been able to help many clients from all over the world and we look forward to helping you as well overcome your personal challenges. CALL US TODAY AT 905-383-3500 for no charge consultation and FREE Evaluation.
#hypnosis #virtualhypnosis #anxiety #depression #weightloss #hypnotherapy #alcohol #stopsmoking #stopsmokingnow #anxiety #IBS #PTSD

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