Hypnosis can help you with Weight Loss

Let’s be honest about Weight Loss

You know what you need to do. You also know what you should be doing. Weight loss is not rocket science, but to you it feels like rocket science and it is not a walk in the park, regardless of what others say. Or maybe it feels like a part of you just can’t be bothered. It would be wonderful if it was just as simple as having someone tell you that from now on you will only eat healthily and love it. Well that is what we do at Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton. We work with your subconscious mind and place positive reinforcing suggestions about your eating habits and your food choices.

To enjoy being a healthy weight for life you need 3 positive relationships:

  1. A good relationship with yourself
  2. A good relationship with food
  3. A good relationship with exercise

You can do it without the 3rd one but never without the first two…

Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton works with committed individuals who are focused on achieving marked improvement in their own personal development. This is not a quick fix, not a magic pill nor a silver bullet. And I do know that you can change, like thousands of clients before you. You need to be committed, come hell or high water. And you will make a change. A lifestyle change. And you will love it and thank yourself for it in the years to come.


“My eating habits are so much better!”
Maria, Hamilton, Ontario

“I really wanted to let you know how much you have helped me. It is not only the weight I have lost. But also I have gained my self esteem, my old but new me, my clothes and my knowledge of feeding my body for all the right reasons! I just can’t thank you enough and my husband and kiddies say a big thank you too.”
Jennifer, Burlington

“Sandra is amazing to work with. She gets great results and she adds huge value to the sessions that we have.” Thank you for all your caring and consideration!”
Roxanne, Grimsby

Weight loss hypnotherapy

It starts with your commitment to do things differently so you finally get different results. Your first step is to call Positive Changes Hypnosis at 905-383-3500 now to book your free 60 minute Evaluation for weight loss hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis Weight Loss sessions as Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton can assist you overcome issues like using food:

  • as a means of procrastinating
  • to get rid of boredom or avoid making a decision
  • for comfort
  • to stop feeling that hum drum or yucky feeling
  • to distract from what you were meant to be doing
  • to deal with stress
  • as an attempt to make yourself feel better
  • and many other options….

It would be wonderful if it was just as simple as going into a single hypnosis session, having someone tell you that from now on you will only eat healthily and love it. That hypnotherapy
approach to weight loss doesn’t provide lasting results and research shows at least 6 sessions are needed to get results and a lasting outcome. A client may have a slightly improved relationship with food after a single session but still not a good relationship with themselves and as a result they revert back to the old habits such as binging on crackers and peanut butter. That might sound like a magical improvement from where you are now, but trust me you can do a lot better than that!

Have I mentioned that in order to not only get the weight off with hypnosis but to keep it off permanently you need a good relationship with yourself! So you stop beating yourself up and yes, I will help you with that aswell. Otherwise the cycle goes as follows:

Positive Changes weight loss

The problematic weight gain cycle:

  1. I am unhappy / sad / depressed (fill in the blank)
  2. I eat too much and / or the wrong stuff
  3. Because I eat , I am fat
  4. Because I’m fat , I am unhappy
  5. Oh I know how to make that better
  6. Eat and beat myself for it
  7. Feel bad – either eat in an attempt to make myself feel better (and beat myself up even more in the process) or go to beating myself up straight away.

Some people start the cycle by just having a piece of cake at their kids birthday party and then beat themselves up for it. Please, it breaks my heart! It is a horrible cycle! I know you are not doing it deliberately, it’s just what happens and you have no control over it. So it’s time to take control back, you’re in charge. It’s your mind, your body, your hands and your brain. Let’s teach them all how to work together so you can lose that weight for good.

Part 1: Develop a better relationship with yourself

We often need to start with helping you make the changes so you can feel better about yourself first. Imagine having a better relationship with yourself. Imagine knowing that you are enough, worthy and good enough. Weight loss hypnotherapy from Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton is the place to start.

Lifestyle and dietary changes are next.  Self sabotaging behaviours are not necessarily conscious or logical, they happen at a subconscious level.

“I am now making so much better choices for myself and my health without even thinking about it! Thank you so much Sandra!”
– Lesley, Dundas Ontario

Positive Changes Hypnosis Weight Loss

Part 2: The real secret to weight loss

People who naturally keep a healthy weight don’t actually think much about it . They don’t buy ready to eat meals or special weight loss shakes, they just do things a certain way. You can and will learn this secret about how naturally slender people eat. After all the formula for successful weight loss is actually easy and all you need to do is to update your brain’s software from learned habits like comfort eating, eating when bored, stress eating, eating when indecisive, not being able to stop eating and so on to a version that is more useful for you today.

Modern hypnosis techniques performed at Positive Changes Hypnosis in Hamilton are such powerful tools for weight loss because they can help you enjoy healthier habits. It is the basis for easy and natural weight loss. Done this way, you can make your weight loss healthy and permanent. Imagine keeping the weight off without thinking about it? How happy you’ll be with yourself?

Only if you successfully deal with the underlying, compounding issues that cause you to overeat will you be able to manage your weight easily. This might include some serious rethinking about your lifestyle, your values, your approach to life. And you need to value yourself and your health more than anything else so you will find it easy to eat and move in a way that is good for you. By the way, looking after yourself first is not selfish! It is the best way to let your family know how much you love them. Not looking after yourself, that’s selfish.

So if you want to feel great in your own body again then give me a call and book in for your first appointment now 905-383-3500.

“Sandra, I only wish I had come to you sooner.”
– Nancy, Stoney Creek, Ontario 

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