End your toxic relationship with cigarettes via our approach:

  • Advanced Hypnosis: In recent years, common myths and misconceptions associated with hypnosis have passed on, in favour of scientifically sound applications: hypnosis is now commonly applied for medicinal and dentistry purposes, as well as in law enforcement, education and professional sports. Hypnosis is one of the most successful methods in the battle against cigarettes.
  • We Tailor Our Approach To Your Needs and Lifestyle: Everyone is different. We tailor our approach to suit your specific needs, wants and lifestyle choices. We use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to destroy myths and kick old habits.

In order to understand more about our method, it is important to acknowledge that the mind works on both the conscious and unconscious level. We make decisions and act with our conscious mind, whilst the unconscious mind controls our habits. Hypnosis allows us to access the unconscious mind and take control of those lingering habits associated with smoking.

Our system is suited to any and all with an average IQ and is tailored to individual specifications – it is unsurprising then, that so many have managed to quit smoking cigarettes! Few suffer withdrawal symptoms following our dual treatment – another incentive to quit smoking today!

Is the system totally safe? Absolutely. You are in complete control throughout the session, and retain the agency to terminate the process at any point. You cannot get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis.

Is this system safe? Yes. Our system is based mostly on advanced hypnosis and NLP, and both of these systems are completely safe. You are aware and in control at every moment and can terminate the session at any time. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis, nor can you be made to do anything against your will.




It is common knowledge that cigarettes are a serious drain on your finances. Cigarettes also have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing. Studies show that 74% of smokers want to quit cigarettes, but everyone has their own reasons for continuing. These reasons include:

Fear of putting on weight
Fear of withdrawal symptoms
Lack of self belief
Belief that smoking relieves stress and aids relaxation

Smoking cigarettes is an act that is controlled by the subconscious: it is similar to driving or typing. You do not consider every action that you take; rather, it is something controlled by the subconscious mind. Chances are, you do not enjoy every cigarette that you smoke – again, it is something that your mind does automatically.

Unless you address the specific reasons that are unique to each individual, you will not manage to quit smoking for the long term.



You didn’t want to deal with the withdrawal symptoms?
Did you start to gain weight?
Were you tricked into smoking again?
Did you smoke one cigarette – one that eventually turned into many?
Another reason?

Our method deals with reasons that are unique to you – even going one step further to deal with potential reasons for failure before they happen.

For example, we will work with you to create a new set of habits to replace old ones. So, if you’re worried about replacing cigarettes with food, we will work to establish other habits to avoid the common pitfalls ex-smokers find themselves in.


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